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Kashrus Policy

Rabbi Kreiser is the halachic authority for the shul in all matters relating to kashrus. He is, by his employment contract, the de facto mashgiach for all food consumed in the shul. The following guidelines apply to food or drink served on synagogue property or at shul sponsored functions:

  • Food cooked or prepared in the home of the rav [Rabbi Kreiser] is acceptable. Food cooked or prepared in any other individual's home is not acceptable (see note below).
  • Because Ezras Israel Congregation of Rockville is a member of the Washington Vaad Ha'Rabbonim, any food prepared in a commercial establishment must be certified by the Vaad of Washington (i.e., the commercial establishment must have a valid Kashrus Certificate from the Vaad).
  • Packaged foods bearing a hechsher from the OU or other reliable kashrus authorities—as defined by the shul rav [Rabbi Kreiser]—are acceptable.
  • Food that does not fall into any of the acceptable categories described above is permitted only with the prior approval of the rav [Rabbi Kreiser].

Note Several members of the Ezras Israel community adhere the following additional stringencies:

  • all dairy products must be chalav yisroel.
  • all baked goods (cakes, cookies, breads, crackers, etc.) must be pas yisrael.

It is preferred that food served at shul functions adhere to these stricter standards whenever feasible.

Gatherings for shul purposes, but not on shul premises, where food and drink is consumed (be they social, fund raising, learning, etc.) are by definition private, and persons attending these should check level of kashrus observence with the function's host or hostess.

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