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About Us

Ezras Israel Congregation of Rockville is a warm and welcoming community of about 45 families and singles, has a rich history and devoted to serving the Jewish community and promoting Jewish observance. We are a diverse group—our members include Ashkenazim and Sephardim; traditional, modern, Litvish, and chassidish; and range from "frum-from-birth" to just beginning their exploration of Judaism. All are welcome, and all feel at home.

Rabbi Eliezer Kreiser came from Lakewood to be Ezras Israel's young and energetic spiritual leader in 1999. Rabbi and Perel Kreiser's gracious hospitality is well known and is generally the second stop for newcomers after shul Shabbat morning. Their relaxed and genuine manner is indicative of the easy atmosphere of the Ezras Israel community. Shabbat morning services is just the beginning of many opportunities to grow, spiritually and otherwise, at Ezras Israel, and to do so at one's own pace.

We are conveniently located near White Flint and Twinbrook Metro, the JCC of Greater Washington, Moti's Kosher Market, and a variety of great living options.

Please join us for a class, a holdiay service, or even just a home-cooked shabbos meal. For more information, please use the contact us form.

Learning Opportunities

  • Rabbi's Shabbat morning parsha shiur - Saturday 8:15AM
  • Sunday morning Talmud class with Rabbi Kreiser, after Shachris at Ring House (no breakfast)
  • Rabbi's Weekly Mishnayos Group (double check with Rabbi when this is)
  • Seasonal classes given by Rabbi Kreiser

Tzedakah Opportunities

  • Hachnasat Orchim Fund supporting hospitality to the community
  • Purim Matanot Laevyonim
  • Pesach Maot Chitim
  • Yom Kippur Appeal
  • Rabbi's Charity Fund
  • Personalized Chesed Cards for any occasion

Our Activities

  • High Holiday Services
  • Yom Kippur Memorial Book
  • Community accessible sukkah at the shul
  • Simchat Torah Dinner and Auction
  • Patron's Dinner
  • Annual Chanukkah Dinner & Kids Party
  • Purim Seuda at Rabbi's House
  • Passover OU Guide fro memebers
  • Selling Your Chametz - See Rabbi Kreiser
  • Community Chametz Burning
  • Yom Hatzmaut/Yom Yerushalaim

Bereavement Support

  • Shiva support - Shiva chair, minyan at shiva house, etc.
  • Kaddish program
  • Member discount on the purchase of Ezras Israel plots at Garden of Remembrance (Gan Zikaron Cemetery), Gaithersburg, MD. Call Gene Tartakovsky (301-300-1999) for information.

Check the latest newsletter for specific upcoming events.


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